classic bikeHere is an original VINTAGE (I was told new around 1961. The serial number is K119929) men’s Roadmaster SKYRIDER tank bike with 26″ wheels. It is in the original and very appealing colored factory paint. If you like unique unrestored original bikes with a great patina, this may be a great bike for you. With the insanely high price of gas (and the economy being bad) now is the time to ride a cool vintage bike!

*This bike has a cool mens “Masterweld” cruiser style frame with original paint and decals, rare frame mounted TANK, original screen chainguard, cruiser style seat, wide cruiser handlebars, full “peaked” fenders, rear carrier RACK, and more! This is a cool bike made in Cleveland, Ohio USA!

*The tires are 26×1.75″. They are slightly newer vintage tires and do hold air. The bike has raised center rims front and rear.

*The bike is an original SINGLE SPEED with coaster brakes. (pedal slightly backwards to stop the bike)

*DIMENSIONS The stand over height is approx 30″. The distance from the floor to the top of the seat post clamp is approx 27 1/2″. The distance from the center of the crank to the top of the seat post clamp is approx 18 1/4″. The center of the handlebar stem to the center of the seat post is approx 22 1/2″. The bike will accommodate most any rider comfortably. The seat height is easy to adjust. Vintage TANK bikes this size are hard to find and people really like them!