rare flagExtremely Rare 43 Star Flag (Official From 1890 to 1891)—- Your viewing an extremely rare star count from 1890.Most of your elite flag collectors don’t have one of these in there collection.The reason the 43 star count is so rare is because——— Period flags are extremely rare, just one day prior ( July 3rd 1890 ) to 42 stars becoming the official star count , Idaho was introduced as the 43rd state, one day before July 4th 1890, and therefore became official the following day.Unlike previous star counts where unofficial counts were rare and unusual, This Official Count Is Extremely Rare , because of Wyoming’s introduction as the 44th state just Six Days after Idaho became official. Not wanting to produce obsolete flags, most flag manufactures and homemade flag makers simply skipped over the 43 stars and manufactured the 44 star flag. There was only one President to serve under the 43 star flag ( Benjamin Harrison ). This flag measure’s approx. 13.5″ long by 8″ wide, to add to the rarity, this flag still has it’s original staff.This is a ( 1 in 25,000 or greater find ) I would be surprised if there is more than 10 of these, in this size range, in existence.( I personally have been unable to locate even one of these flags) (It may be an only survivor )